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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm using an ASROCK H61M-HVS with VIA HD onboard audio. Noticed that the default drivers windows installs for it are completely fucked. Enhancements don't work at all, and it keeps defaulting to headphones (front jack) even when you only have speakers plugged in.
To fix;
  1. Right click your start button, click system, and then go to advanced system settings
  2. Go to hardware tab and go to device installation settings
  3. Click no, then click Never install device software, then click okay.
  4. Open Device Manager
  5. Go under the sound field, select VIA HD Audio, and uninstall the driver, then restart your computer.
  6. Go to - download the .diagcab file. (Windows 10 has removed the ability to blacklist updates without using this file)
  7. Go through the steps and choose to ignore the VIA HD Audio update that is queued up.
Congratulations, your sound drivers now work properly.

Update for Windows 10 Threshold - 15NOV15
  1. Open device manager
  2. Go under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers
  3. Open VIA HD Audio, click uninstall
  4. Click action, scan for new hardware changes
  5. Wait for VIA HD audio to show up again
  6. Open VIA HD Audio, go to second tab
  7. Rollback drivers
  8. Open wushowhide
  9. Blacklist VIA HD Audio update

Friday, March 3, 2017

side by side error windows 10

Saturday, February 18, 2017

No se pudo bloquear /var/lib/dpkg/lock – open (11: Recurso no disponible temporalmente)
lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock 
sudo rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/lock
sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get autoremove

Monday, January 16, 2017

Samsung mobile MTP device can not start (code 10)
Go to the Registry Editor (Start -- Run -- "regedit" --  [ENTER]) Search the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\
If you click one of the few subkeys in class (e.g. {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}) you'll find the string value (Standard) on the right side with a value (e.g. DVD/CD-ROM-Drives) You have to find the value "Portable Devices" on the string value (Standard) (In my case {EEC5AD98-8080-425f-922A-DABF3DE3F69A}, but I don't know if they are called always the same. Once found, you see a string value called UpperFilters --DELETE IT! Finished! Now your Samsung Mobile MTP Device should be recognized and even installed correctly right away. (The name of the device changed to GT-I9100 (Devicemanager) in my case...) Here an explanation about UpperFilters and LowerFilters if you want to know more:

Windows update error code 450,-windows-7,-windows-server-2008,-or-windows-server-2008-r2
Modify Registry Permissions
  1. Click on the Start button and in the search box, type regedit
  2. When you see regedit on the list, right-click on it and select Run as administrator.
  3. In the left hand panel of regedit, you will see a list of registry keys. Navigate to the following key, right-click on it and select Permissions...:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing
  4. Click Advanced.
  5. Under the Owner tab, click Edit.
  6. Click "Other Users and Groups".
  7. Click Advanced.
  8. Click "Find Now".
  9. Scroll down and double click on Everyone.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Put the check in "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects", click Apply then change to the Permissions tab.
  12. Under type Deny, single click on any entries and click Remove. (N.B.: There may not be any Deny entries, in which case just ignore this step. Just remove any that do exist)
  13. Click Edit (now on the standard file Property window under the Security tab).
  14. Click Add.
  15. Click Advanced.
  16. Click "Find Now".
  17. Scroll down and double click on Everyone.
  18. Click OK.
  19. Single click on Everyone and then tick the "Full Control" box under Allow.
  20. Click OK TWO times.
    Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Packages
    And, still in the left hand panel here, find this sub key Microsoft-Windows-IE-Troublesðooters-Package~31bf3856ad364e35ÿamd64~en-US~6.1.7600.16385
    Rename it to: Microsoft-Windows-IE-Troubleshooters-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~en-US~6.1.7600.16385

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ramsonware Locky


How to stay safe
  • As always, don’t open suspicious attachments (e.g. .doc, .xls, and .zip files)
  • Disable Microsoft Office macros by default and never enable macros in strange/unknown attachments that you receive via email
  • Keep recent backup copies of important data in a secure place either online or offline
  • Ensure that your system and applications are fully updated and patched


Die Opfer der Ransomware sollen im Tor-Netz die "special software" Locky Decryptor kaufen, um ihre Daten zu entschlüsseln.
Die Opfer der Ransomware sollen im Tor-Netz die "special software" Locky Decryptor kaufen, um ihre Daten zu entschlüsseln. Vergrößern
Der Inhalt der Datei macht den Betroffenen wenig Hoffnung: Laut den Tätern verschlüsselt Locky mit RSA mit 2048 Bit Schlüssellänge und AES mit 128 Bit. Wenn das stimmt und die Entwickler bei der Krypto-Implementierung nicht gepatzt haben, besteht keine Hoffnung, die verschlüsselten Dateien zu retten. Eine unabhängige Analyse der von Locky eingesetzten Verschlüsselung steht derzeit noch aus. Aktuell ist kein Weg bekannt, die von Locky verschlüsselten Dateien ohne Zahlung des Lösegelds zu retten.
Was not able to do System Restore, nor Previous Versions (none found).
Took the hard drive out and attached it to another Windows 7 -64bit computer as a 2nd hard drive.
Ran antivirus scan against the encrypted drive. (clean).
Ran CHKDSK /R against the encrypted drive. (some tweaks, no bad sectors)
Put the hard drive back in original PC.
Was able to do System Restore.
Was able to turn on Service Volume Shadow Copy.
Was able to use Previous Versions!
32-bit Version –
64-bit Version –
 Download ShadowExplorer

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Independencia del ciberespacio
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
by John Perry Barlow
Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather.
We have no elected government, nor are we likely to have one, so I address you with no greater authority than that with which liberty itself always speaks. I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent of the tyrannies you seek to impose on us. You have no moral right to rule us nor do you possess any methods of enforcement we have true reason to fear.
Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. You have neither solicited nor received ours. We did not invite you. You do not know us, nor do you know our world. Cyberspace does not lie within your borders. Do not think that you can build it, as though it were a public construction project. You cannot. It is an act of nature and it grows itself through our collective actions.
You have not engaged in our great and gathering conversation, nor did you create the wealth of our marketplaces. You do not know our culture, our ethics, or the unwritten codes that already provide our society more order than could be obtained by any of your impositions.
You claim there are problems among us that you need to solve. You use this claim as an excuse to invade our precincts. Many of these problems don't exist. Where there are real conflicts, where there are wrongs, we will identify them and address them by our means. We are forming our own Social Contract. This governance will arise according to the conditions of our world, not yours. Our world is different.
Cyberspace consists of transactions, relationships, and thought itself, arrayed like a standing wave in the web of our communications. Ours is a world that is both everywhere and nowhere, but it is not where bodies live.
We are creating a world that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth.
We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity.
Your legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and context do not apply to us. They are all based on matter, and there is no matter here.
Our identities have no bodies, so, unlike you, we cannot obtain order by physical coercion. We believe that from ethics, enlightened self-interest, and the commonweal, our governance will emerge. Our identities may be distributed across many of your jurisdictions. The only law that all our constituent cultures would generally recognize is the Golden Rule. We hope we will be able to build our particular solutions on that basis. But we cannot accept the solutions you are attempting to impose.
In the United States, you have today created a law, the Telecommunications Reform Act, which repudiates your own Constitution and insults the dreams of Jefferson, Washington, Mill, Madison, DeToqueville, and Brandeis. These dreams must now be born anew in us.
You are terrified of your own children, since they are natives in a world where you will always be immigrants. Because you fear them, you entrust your bureaucracies with the parental responsibilities you are too cowardly to confront yourselves. In our world, all the sentiments and expressions of humanity, from the debasing to the angelic, are parts of a seamless whole, the global conversation of bits. We cannot separate the air that chokes from the air upon which wings beat.
In China, Germany, France, Russia, Singapore, Italy and the United States, you are trying to ward off the virus of liberty by erecting guard posts at the frontiers of Cyberspace. These may keep out the contagion for a small time, but they will not work in a world that will soon be bl