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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flash Video Howto

How to download video from any website
Download VideoCacheView. This tool will allow you to see all flv videos in your cache..Remember again – you can browse only flv videos using this tool. 
Look at'C:\Documents and Settings\copzz\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxo.default


Retrieve Flash Video From Firefox Cache Folder

  1. Open a new tab / window of Firefox and enter about:cache as an URL
  2. Take note of the Firefox cache folder path specified in Cache Directory: and browse to this folder with Windows Explorer

    If the Storage In Use greater than or approaching Maximum Storage Size, the video might not be cached completely or you’ll have to increase Maximum Storage Size and reload the MTV again. 

    To set Firefox cache folder maximum storage size, click Tools | Option… | Network | Cache
  3. Sort the cached files by file size and try to open the biggest file with an related Codec or FlV Player. (The biggest file is likely to be the cached YouTube video)

OK. If you want to know what those files in the Firefox cache folder exactly are, here we go:
  1. While in the about:cache page, click the List Cache Entries link of the Disk cache device section
  2. Press CTRL + F to search for Key: (URL) with the get_videokeyword and also with the biggest Data Size: (YouTube doesn’t cache the flash video in FLV extension. For other flash video hosting site, you may save time by trying to search for .FLV extension).
  3. Right-click the URL and select the Open Link In New Tab and refer to the File on Disk:

P/S: There are many Firefox plugins available to save flash video. However, if you’re not regularly download flash video, then it’s worth to know how to do it manually

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