If you need to flash your bios in MS-DOS but that you only have a memory stick by hand, this is the best solution I know :

  1. Select and download an image from bootdisk.com (I used Win98 SE)
  2. Install and run WinImage, (leave a note if you got it running under wine, it should work normally).
  3. Open and extract the downloaded .exe with WinImage. (use the "*.*" wildcard in the open dialog to see it)
  4. Create a new 2.88MB image (File->New)
  5. Select a boot-loader (Image->Boot sector properties, I used Win98)
  6. Re-inject the extracted files (Image->Inject or drag-and-drop)
  7. Save the image as ".ima" format.
  8. Use `dd` on any unix system to write the resulting image to the usb key.

If you have some troubles using dd, check the man pages.
Basically, you should run a command like :
`dd if=yourimage.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1024` ,
where "yourimage.img" is the name of your image and "/dev/sdX" the path to your usb device. The best way I know to find the usb device is to run `dmesg` just after inserting the memory stick or checking `mount` if your system automatically mounts the key. Leave a comment if you need more details.

Have fun, Jonas