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Saturday, June 19, 2010

STPD.sys error

SCSI Pass Through Direct Layer (duplex secure) - uninstall!
It's from Daemon tools and alchohol 120%. This little bugger is a time bomb. It should work fine with those programs but for some such as myself it will malfunction and crash windows. Expect a BSOD from then on whenever loading normally. On top of that it can cause safe mode to freeze up. Expect a lot of trouble when this software goes bad and make sure to delete it if you don't need it.
caused a BSOD: 0x0000007e error
Couldn't get into safe mode without pressing esc to cancel it loading
Blue screen with the 0x000000D3 stop error code and sptd.sys
Ultimate Boot CD utility Avira NTFS4DOS Personal was able to go into the hard drive and delete the sptd.sys in the windows/system32/drivers directory and thus fix the issue.
Posible Solution 
Safe Mode:
Once there, look for sptd.sys and delete it.
Also, click start, run, type msconfig and press enter - look under startup or services for Daemon Tools - uncheck it (sptd IS part of that process and obviously something has gone awry) and this will stop Daemon Tools from starting.
SPTD.sys will not, afaik, delete when you remove Daemon Tools - it HAS to be done manually.
There is another file named sptdXXX.XX (some random number I believe) but I can't remember the extension at the moment.
SolutionIsn't that the daemon tools driver? Are you able to boot into safe mode at all? (Press F8 at boot time - I don't recall which option lets you see which drivers get loaded - I think it's boot logging enabled - it may ask you if you want to load sptd.sys then just say no) and if you manage to get into safe mode uninstall daemon tools and see if that works.
Another thing you can do is boot into your Windows XP CD, and pick repair and choose the recovery console
Then type listsvc to see the list of services and drivers.
sptd.sys may be listed in there. 
Then type disable (name of driver - may be sptd.sys may be something else) to disable it the next time you boot.
Then type exit to reboot

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