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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old PCs, more

For the guy with 486 question try libranet 2.7 or 2.81 if u can find these iso..
i found 2.7 to be friendliest to old hardware

you might also like to see Fluxbuntu as well. It's lightweight and really nice. And it comes with the right packaging/repository system
DSL uses a 2.4 kernel. I'd bet that Xubuntu was pretty good on such a
system, barring the question of it having a 2.6 kernel. But then again,
Fluxbuntu would have the same kernel ...

Pentium MMX laptop (233MHz, 64MB Ram) and have been running DSL on it for a while. Works great.
I'm also planning on trying Fluxbuntu (Ubuntu with the lighter Fluxbox desktop environemnt), TinyMe (a lighter version of PCLinuxOS) and a minimal install of Ubuntu (or Debian). Puppy would be my other choice.

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