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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

El cachorro más versátil!

Puppy Linux 4.1.2
Puppy Linux 4.1.1

Puppy Linux 4.1

Puppy Linux 4.0 "Dingo"

Puppy Linux 3.01
Puppy Linux 2.17.1 "Dancer"

Puppy Linux 2.16.1 "Luv"

Puppy Linux 2.15CE "Viz"

Puppy Linux 1.0.8 "Singer"
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Website*Puppy Linux 4.1.2* (8 - 12 - 2008) two versions available, older kernel works better on old hardware
- puppy with **4.1-k2.6.25.16** kernel (newer)
- puppy-4.1.2 retro with **k2.6.21.7** kernel
- release notes
Puppy Linux Discussion Forum
Localizations: Scripts Languages Stardust resources
Puppy Repository
Puppy Near Office Puplet

Openoffice sfs forum

This is the US-EN version OpenOffice-2.4.0.sfs without Java
Openoffice sfs howto
You have two choices:
- putting sfs file in your /home/ directory
- adding (if you are using Puppy 3.01) 301 to filename ( like OpenOffice-2.4_301.sfs)
- reboot
Now your sfs file is recognized at startup from Puppy and mounted (you
can see icons of various openoffice applications on desktop)
You can put anywhere this sfs file and mounting where you want with this command-line:
mount -o loop /pathtosfsfile /mnt/data/
(or other empty directory you want) Now you can in destination directory-->
and searching applications like swriter, scalc, simpress, soffice and so on... and you can create symlink on your desktop
Finally, for a mounting on fly, you can simply click on a sfs file to mount it, cick again to unmount

OpenOffice 1.1.5 as sfs module (OO 3 & more) here

if you are looking for OOO 1.1.4 :
and if you want a dictionary
Thats as small as it gets for OOO

Puppy TMXXINE Dark Force
md5sum 846f75145f0302ebb3d4417b4c5cd074
MD5 Checksum:
Parent Puppy:
ISO Size:

Tmmxine Dark Force edition November 2008
is designed as the work horse
Guys, TmxxineDF includes the software and setup I need
I am uploading it as a courtesy for those with similar needs 100% Puppy Linux compatible - remastered rather than unleashed.
No major configuration changes from Puppy 4.1.1 Standard
contains Open Office, Gimp and major programming languages with the option to easily download further major software including:
    Chrome from Google requires Wine

    Compiz-Fusion Extreme 'Eye Candy'

    Ezpup Improved look and feel centered around IceWm themes

    Filezilla 3.0.10 3.2MB

    Firefox 3


    Fortran programming language

    Gizmo Free 'Internet phone'

    Java for end users

    Kompozer and NVU HTML WYSIWYG editors

    Opera Browser

    PHP programming language pet

    Midori Browser

    Ruby programming language

    Skype VOIP - video phone over internet

    Transmission Bit Torrent

    VYM Mind mapping software

    Wi-Fi extra support

    Wine Run Windows programs

    Wink Screen recorder

    WxLua Programming language

    Xfce Window manager

    Xvidcap Screen recorder

I am running this with 512MB of ram (that is why all SFS not loaded as default) but to have all SFS running from ram would recommend
1 Gig of Ram
Default programs included (also comes with complete Puppy Linux 4.1.1)
Gimp 2.4.6
Lit add 4.1.1 major software Auto startup - to remove go to file Startup and move to another directory
Python (under Utility)

as SFS to use select the following SFS select
Menu / System Boootmanager / configure bootup
devxx 4.1.1 SFS (includes Glade IDE, Assembler, C and C++, Freebasic)
java + netbeans SFS (jdk_netbeans-1.6u10_6.1.sfs)
to have java in browser add this, go to
Edit / preferences / advanced and click on java reboot and reboot)
It does not take long to remaster a setup so the credit belongs to all those contributing to 4.1.1 and compiling SFS and .pets
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