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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stop:: 0x0000008e

Solutions to Stop: 0x0000008E Error (Blue Screen Of Death, BSOD)

When Stop: 0x0000008E Occurs
The Stop: 0x0000008E error message with BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) appears when Windows encounters such a serious error that it has to terminate.
  • You can get “Stop: 0x0000008E” and the Blue Screen during shutdown or restart.
  • Stop: 0x0000008E and BSOD may appear randomly: you get the blue screen from time to time without an apparent reason. Eventually the 0x0000008E code appears more and more often until Windows won’t start at all.
  • The Stop: 0x0000008E and BSOD may respond to certain actions performed on your computer: viewing contents of a CD/DVD, starting a game or gaming.
  • Sometimes 0x0000008E starts nagging you after RAM of graphic card upgrade, of updating driver for your devices.
  • There are cases of Stop: 0x0000008E and BSOD appearance after installation of Windows service packs.
Most Typical Causes of Stop: 0x0000008E
Registry problems, faulty RAM, hardware failure, driver incompatibility, viruses.
Below we review some cases of Stop: 0x0000008E error, BSOD and possible fixes.
However, if you are not a computer expert we recommend to ask for professional help.

Another site was talking about posting minidumps for them to look at, so I looked into one of the minidumps and found:
Rustock rootkit v 1.2

A little more Google revealed that this Rootkit, once installed is undetectable by anything, quite the amazing little piece of code...
Symantec's info on the Rustock Rootkit

This was it the B version... I followed the directions on Symantec's site to remove it by booting into recovery console from an XP CD. (You cannot detect it in Safe Mode)
Once there I used "Disable pe386" to shut off the rootkit... I looked while in safe mode for this service and it WAS NOT there... Since it loads with kernel / driver data, it hides everything about itself...
Symantec's Cleanup Instructions...
Rebooted in Normal mode and no more BSOD, reinstalled NAV and started it scanning when I left the shop... I will run ADSSpy again and see if it finds the alternate data stream now...
I realize that this is not the only cause of 0x8e errors but this was my problem, and since there were two machines in the shop with the same problem, I can see more of these coming in for repair...
Hope this helps those who have just recently developed STOP: 0x0000008E errors.

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