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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition on x64 plattforms


Free visual c 2008 redistributable Download

Missing VCProjectAMD64Platform.dll:
It seems that under some circumstances the 32-Bit version of this  DLL does not get installed if you are on a 64-Bit OS. So you won’t find it in $($VCDIR)\VC\bin\x86_amd64. In this case you either have to copy it from an installation on a 32-Bit OS or extract it from the SDK installer medium. The DLL is located in the ISO distribution’s \Setup dir in the It starts with FL_VCProjectAMD64Platform…if you rename it to the proper name it should work. Thanks Dustin for this helpful hint!
Xia Wei provided a helpful script that automates this tweaking. I did not try this myself but after a couple of positive reader comments it’s definitely worth mentioning it here. Download is available here:

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