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Thursday, September 8, 2011

bbcode: 50

Blue screens are mostly due to hardware and sometimes due to incompatible software.  In a lot of cases it is a corrupted driver or a driver conflict.  The most common causes of blue screens are overheating, faulty RAM, and video card problems.
This problem may occur if the computer is infected with a variant of the Sdbot virus.
The Sdbot virus creates a hidden process. This process closes programs that system administrators use for diagnostic and configuration purposes. The process may also prevent these programs from running.
The file name of the Sdbot virus varies. Many variants of this virus put a driver that is named Msdirectx.sys or Haxdrv.sys on the computer. This driver is used to hide the virus process. The file names that the virus frequently uses include Msdrv.exe and Sdkcore.exe. These virus variants can restore the virus if you delete the files.

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