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Monday, April 15, 2013

event ID 4307 NetBT

Initialization failed because the transport refused to open initial Addresses


These errors occur when you disable all WINS related bindings and Show Binding For is set to < All Components >. They may also occur due to an incorrect order of the bindings.


To correct this problem:

  1. In the Show Bindings For list box, choose WINS Client(TCP/IP).
  2. Select the WINS binding shown and choose Enable.
  3. Verify that the WINS bindings are above any RAS bindings in the list (lower all RAS bindings to the bottom of the list).
  4. Choose OK and then choose OK again.
If enabling the bindings does not correct the problem, remove the TCP/IP protocol completely, and then reinstall it.

Product:Windows Operating System
Event ID:4307
Message:Initialization failed because the transport refused to open initial Addresses.
Your computer cannot access the network because its name does not match an IP address.
This could be caused by an incorrect computer name, or your network adapter might need to be reset.
User Action
To determine whether your computer's name is correct, at the command prompt, type nbtstat -n, and then press ENTER.
If the computer name is correct, no further user action is required.
If the name is incorrect, try resetting the network adapter.
To verify that the WMI Performance Adapter service is enabled
  1. In Control Panel, double-click Network Connections.
  2. Double-click WMI Performance Adapter.In Control Panel, double-click Network Connections.
  3. On the shortcut menu, click Disable.
  4. Right-click the network adapter again, an then click Enable.

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