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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Linux: compress & decompress

*.tgz use tar -zxvf
*.tar.bz2 use tar -jxvf
*.tar.bzip2 use tar -jxvf
*.zip use unzip
*.tar use tar -xvf
*.bz2 use bunzip2 -d -v
*.gz use gunzip -d -v
*.arj use unarj
*.lha use lha x
*.ace use unace
*.rar use rar x (Note: on on some systems “unrar”, others “unrar x”)
*.cab use cabextract (Note: Some .cab files need unshield (apt-get install unshield))
*.Z use uncompress
*.zoo use zoo -extract
*.chm use chmextract
*.xpi use unzip
*.jar use jar xvf
*.deb use ar xv
*.lzo use lzop -x
*.7z use 7z x

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