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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Q & A
Q: What is warez?
A: Warez is considered as pirated software. Also as paid material that is used free of charge.

Q: Will I get arrested if I download warez?
A: As long as you don't try to sell pirated content(warez) and are not a criminal who the government is looking for.

Q: How many people do this?
A: There are millions of users who download warez. Whether it be in torrents or direct downloads(ftp.)

Q: Why would I switch from torrents to warez?
A: Torrents are a hassle and have slow download speeds. With downloads from sites directly you will achieve atleast 80KB/sec on a normal dsl. It may go up to 300KB/sec.

Q: What is
A: is a friendly community with many people who have a good time. We are not strictly a warez site, as we have many different forums where you can find what interests you!

Q: How do warez work?
A: The uploader would post the links to download it and you enter it into your url bar and download.

Q: What are some common upload/download sites?
A:,,, Rapidshare is the most popular.

Q: Why should I buy a rapidshare account?
A: You don't exactly have to buy one. You can share with someone. If you come to think of it, buying it saves a lot of time and is just easier in the long run. WarezRaid does offer rapidshare accounts to VIP users who are trusted.

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