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Monday, August 4, 2008

Puppy Linux + Compiz Fusion

Use compiz fusion with Puppy Linux (provided u have a pwerful enough pc)

Yes you can. I have a vid running 301 with CF. Go have a look. I'll tell you now though, it's not easy... There's also a download floating around on the puppy sites called WNOP (wobbly nearly office pup) with CF already installed. A google search for "wnop" should get you a link.

I'd rather have not so damn small linux. But that's personal I think Puppy is great 2. If only microsoft would consider talking to the makers of it.

I will try to post my download website link so you newbs can download Iso Recorder,

Newbs (ISO Recorder) is a real quick and easy tool to burn a iso in Win XP. This unique and great piece of software let's you make/record .iso images. Basicly it ads the ability to record .iso images using the recording software that is allready built into windows xp. But it does not record dvd images, It only records .iso cd images. After you install it, just right click any .iso image --- choose record --- thats it.

I Love this Distro because it is great for older computers, it breaths new life into them and it is so small that it runs in memory atleast while I am using the live cd. I just love Puppy Linux. The network connection configuration tool works better to me then the major distro's. People do not throw out your old pc's, just install puppy linux on it and you will feel like you are working on a 3GHZ intel duo.I know that is hard to believe, but just try it. You will be surprised how fast it is.Enjoy!

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