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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bulk email software & mass mailers

The term mass mailer can refer to those computer worms that spread themselves via e-mail.

Bulk email software is software that is used to send email in large quantities.
It might be used for legitimate mailings - for email list subscribers. Since the bulk email software usually sends email via direct send and via SMTP server the use of a bulk email software for spam is almost impossible, because of the large amount of emails that are sent in a spam campaign.
Bulk email software usually refers to a standalone software, while there are bulk email sending web based services as well.

For online businesses of all kinds, email is the essential ingredient. With it, you can add a whole new level of responsiveness to your Web site, shopping cart, lead capture and lead generation programs turning prospects into paying customers faster and laying the foundation for lasting and profitable relationships.
An Online Marketing and Sales Solution seamlessly integrates an advanced email marketing solution and automation tools with industry-leading online conversion capabilities. Here are just some of the ways a solution can make email work for you:

  • Capture leads from your Web site with customizable data capture forms
  • Deliver relevant content targeted to demographics, interests or behaviors
  • Sustain ongoing newsletter or other brand-building programs
  • Measure and report on opens, clicks, conversions, bounces, disables and more
  • Create serialized campaigns to deliver key content at precise intervals
  • Optimize campaign content for maximum deliverability and in-box placement
  • Consult on your overall email marketing strategy and execution
  • Ensure compliance with evolving federal and state laws
  • Send targeted, post-sale, up-sell and cross-sell campaigns
  • Create shopping cart “abandonment” campaigns to save lost sales
  • Convert leads from PBA programs with targeted autoresponders
  • Automate time-based campaigns for renewals, refills, or seasonal events


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