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Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Depth Security

Using a Layered Approach to Network Security
In-depth security, or defense in depth, is the principle of using a layered approach to network security to provide even better protection for your computer or network.
No matter how good any single network security application is, there is someone out there smarter than the people who designed it with more time on his hands than scruples who will eventually get past it. It is for this reason that common security practice suggests multiple lines of defense, or in-depth security.
In-depth security uses layers of different types of protection from different vendors to provide substantially better protection. A hacker may develop an exploit for a vulnerability that enables them to bypass or circumvent certain types of defenses, or they may learn the intricacies or techniques of a particular vendor, allowing them to effectively rendering that type of defense useless.
By establishing a layered security you will help to keep out all but the cleverest and most dedicated hackers. As a baseline I suggest implementing the following computer and network security products:

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