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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Make a Linux Powered Coffee Roaster

watch the video, here’s the direct link.

Many coffee drinkers find that coffee taste much better when done at home, but many of them will come across that an actual coffee roasting machine may be out of their budget.
One gentleman, Andrew Tridgell, wanted to put his own twist on the ‘Corretto’ roaster. For his coffee roaster, however, he wanted to use a computer to control the required power. His solution involved a Linux laptop and a lot of intelligence to make his own coffee roaster.
The Setup
Required: A Corretto roaster, a thermocouple, and a Linux powered laptop.
The Corretto roaster consists of a bread machine, and a heat gun. The bread maker is the best choice for a coffee roaster for two very important factors: a built in stirrer (metal is a better choice for it won’t melt), and the ability to hold a high amount of heat. A heat gun is used because it can reach the proper temperature for roasting the beans (which is 210 degrees). Tridgell added in a Linux (Can’t go wrong with penguin powered coffee!) and a thermocouple to help control the temperature. For your information, the original Corretto roaster used sound of the beans cracking (about 2-4 sets of cracks) to tell when the beans were properly roasted.
The Procedure

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