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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fritz!Box 7390 working as a VDSL modem have finally had a chance to try getting my AVM Fritz!Box 7390 working as a VDSL Modem instead of the Openreach modem. It had been working fine as a router, but obviously I wanted to use the built-in modem as well, due to the pretty impressive statistics the box offers.
In short, I was successful! As reported previously, the modem synchronizes fine by default, but the PPPoE connection fails to establish - as willuk2010 helpfully found out, this is generally due to third-party modems not being set to the correct VLAN ID, which is 101 on Openreach. I can also confirm that this seem to be the same VLAN ID across the board, as I am on Aquiss - I was concerned that my VLAN ID might be different, but that does not seem to be the case (unline e.g. in Germany where Vodafone seems to be on a different VLAN than Telekom).
Here are the instructions:
a) Export your Fritz!Box configuration, just in case.
b) Download FBEditor 0.5.2 from - you might have to register. This can be used to edit the configuration files. Theoretically, you can enable telnet access on the Fritz!Box by dialing #96*7* on an attached DECT phone, and then edit the configuration file directly using vi, but FBEditor is probably safer in case you mess up your stanzas.
c) When first opened, FBEditor will ask you for the IP address to your and the web password. Once entered and connected, you can use the menu option "Datei" -> "Konfiguration einlesen" or just press CTRL-E to read in the configuration.
d) Find and change the following:
ar7cfg {
tcom_targetarch = yes;
vdsl_resalearch = yes;

dslifaces {
pppoevlanauto = yes;
pppoevlanauto_startwithvlan = yes;

dslglobalconfig {
default_tcom_vlan = 101;
e) Use "Datei" -> "Konfiguration zur�ckspielen". This uploads the modified configuration to the Fritz!Box, which will then restart.
If you have been using the Openreach modem, it is probably best to remove it from LAN Port one and change the configuration back so that the Fritz!Box tries to use the internal modem. Make sure you connect the Y cable to the NTE instead of having the Openreach modem connected.
Once rebooted, the Fritz!Box will synchronize again, and the PPPoE connection should be established automatically.
My stats (do I see potential for 15 MBit/s upstream in there?)
Send Receive
DSLAM-Data rate Max. kBit/s 40000 9984
DSLAM-Data rate Min. kBit/s 128 128
Capacity kBit/s 41136 16325
Current Data rate kBit/s 39984 9984
Latency 0 ms 0 ms
Carrier swap (Bitswap) on on
Impulse protection 0.0 0.0
SNR dB 7 16
Atennuation dB 7 -
Carriers A43 A43
Profile 17a

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