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Monday, December 10, 2012

Stop error 0x00000019

BAD_POOL_HEADER (Windows Debuggers)

Windows 7 BlueScreen

The nvlddmkm.sys, which is the NVIDIA video driver, was named as causing one of the crashes.
Are you able to use the drivers posted at NVIDIA to update the video driver?
Also, there appears to be some older software installed that may have some compatibility issues with Windows 7.

The Bluescreen 0x00000019 (0x00000021, 0x858FB000, etc) bad pool header occurs while i try to install windows updates through the build in update program.
What i did before that:
- Started the pre installed windows 7 installation, give it a name, a password etc.
- divided the 500 GB partition into 2 partitions with the build in program through administration > computer administration (maybe wrong translation, it is a german installation)
- changed the virtual memory from automatic to 8192 permanent at the second partition and disabled virtual memory on the first partition (did that for all 3 pc's)
Started the Windows Update routine, it moves approx 3 updates than the blue screen occurs.
Strange thing was: When i divided the Harddiscs into 2 partitions it took approx 10 seconds for pc 1 + 2, the actual third pc these dividing takes approx 3 minutes to complete.
Pre installed programms are:
- driver packet
- Roxio Creater Starter
- Live Essentials
- Microsoft Office 2010

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