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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ClamAV Antivirus Native Win32 Port

SourceClamAV Gui ScreenShot

Unofficial native port of the well known ClamAV Antivirus, this port is used in ClamWin Antivirus

Sources can be found int the ClamWin subversion repository


  • [clamav] features: zlib bzip2 regex gmp mmap threaded
  • [clamav] small footprint (all distribution is around 1.5 MiB)
  • [clamav] nice icons ;)
  • [clamav] support for unc paths, esotic/long file names
  • [clamscan] memory scanner
  • [libclamav] dynamic libclamav.dll library common for all executables
  • [libclamav] support for 7zip archives
  • [freshclam] native dns txt query on win98/ME / DnsAPI query on Win2k+
  • [clamd/freshclam] also as Windows Services
  • [mingw] version features glob expansion on cmdline

[Precompiled Binaries] - Changes

Current Stable 0.94.2


Put the content of the archive into the gmp directory (gmp-X.Y.Z/msvc)

[Binary libs: gmp, bzip2, gzip]

[ClamAV GUI Wrapper]

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