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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Windows 2003 Enterprise Server

Registration Instructions
Note: For Information Only !
Follow these steps closely and you will have a nice Windows 2003 Enterprise Server disk that will activate as well as allow you to use Windows Update.
Step 1:
Click Here:
and follow the directions. This will get you a link to download windows, as well as the product key you will need for installation and activation.
Step 2:
Wait a few minuets for the email from Microsoft containing your Product key and download link. When you get the email download the iso and print a copy of the cd-key as you will need this latter.
Step 3:
Open the ISO using WinISO or any other similar program for editing ISO's.
Step 4:
Go into the i386 folder and erase the file named:
Step 5:
Click :
ads and down that file.
Step 6:
When the files done downloading rename it to:
Step 7:
Place the above file you just downloaded and renamed into the i386 folder of the ISO file you have open, after this save the ISO and close the program.
Step 8:
Burn the ISO to a CD if you like or extract the files somewhere on your hard drive if you like and when your done install windows.
Step 9:
Use the CD-K*y you printed in step 2 and finish installing windows.
Step 10:
Log into your freshly installed windows and activate it, and now your done and have a full functional activated Windows 2003 Server Enterprise, and your Windows Update will still work.
Isn't Microsoft nice?
All this time they have been giving away there software, just we didn't take the time to understand it.

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