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Monday, December 29, 2008

Windows 2003 Enterprise Server R2 SP

I installed Windows 2003 Enterprise Server 64bit, however the crack for activation does not work. I am constantly getting x ame ount of days left for activation, even though I ran antiwpa ( I think it was version 3.46). I have tried running it again, but it states that it is already install - I then proceed to uninstall and reapply the crack, but still the same.
Can anyone please help. Could it be that that the key I am using is not VLK, does this have any bearing ? Would a volume key negate the need for activation ? I have seen a few keys for win 2003 server, but very few for the 64bit edition. 
I have tried a couple of the key changers for XP as suggested, some dont work or the key does not work. Any suggestions please ? I dont want to reinstall as it took some time and pain to get it installed and working with the 64bit drivers

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise - Standard X64 Keygen

by Day2Die on Mon Oct 06, 2008
AntiWPA will work just fine. Windows Server 2003/XP will said it still need to activate but you will be able to logon after 30 days. AntiWPA makes Windows think it is booting in safe mode and therefore bypass activation, however it does not make Windows think it is activated.
In other words, AntiWPA allow you to logon to Windows after 30 days but does not necessary make it said it is activate. Turn the clock 30 forward to see what I mean.

You better use the old version of WPA on SBS2003. I had the freeze problem when a session locks for inactity. It's a problem with WPA 3.4.6 and Windows 2003 in general. Use the 2.15 version of WPA. I had no problem with it and installed SBS2003 R2 and that box has been up for about six months now. 
BTW, the slow rebooting times are probably due to Exchange. There is a reg tweak you can do to speed it up a bit. Just google for it.


Argh. Okay, it came back T_T 
If I regsvr32 /u antiwpa.dll then reregister it, it goes back to saying its activated 


I'm tellin ya Jaguar, use AntiWPA 2.15, it WORKS with SBS 2003. I tested all this stuff before and that box I have it on is a production box. SBS 2003 is 32bit, so there's nothing wrong with using an older version. Plus no system freezing when trying to log back on to a locked session.

Ok, you can still use 2.15 with SBS 2003 SP2. I just did a test with this in VMware 6 Workstation with an R2 install and ran the SP. The only thing is that it seems the only way it works is if you run AntiWPA 2.15 in "Safe Mode". 
Initially, I tried to run the patch again after I installed SP2 and it freaked out on my install after reboot. SBS gave me an error that it was unable to read my license file. I rebooted into safe mode was able to login and reapplied the patch, rebooted and logged in fine. I ran the patch once again in normal mode to check status and now it says it has been applied. So far so good.


Try this: WgaOga 
WGAOGA  will detect, remove or patch your WGA and OGA files and plugins for Internet Explorer or Firefox if possible. 

1. Contains Anti WGA to pass the WGA validation without patching any WGA files. 

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It`s allow to install IE7 or WMP11 without any problem  
It also removes all WGA plugins from IE, Firefox and other.



AntiWPA related


Win2k3 x64 R2 Suddenly 7 days left.

by Garbz on Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:49:04 pm 
I'm running Win2k3 x64 R2 on a core2duo system, and around about 3 weeks ago I realised I had not yet activated, did a bit of playing with it, and activation disappeared. Like a few other posters here I am getting a 7 days left for activation message.
But unlike some of the other posters:
- I am already running 3.4.7
- Reinstalling did nothing other than produce an error "Access is denied" tied with the registry part given that the hive had already been previously imported.
- System Info tool says nothing about activation in the summary.
- Trying to start the activation process produces nothing. The activation window never appears
- running tasklist /m /fi "Modules wq antiwpa.dll" shows the antiwpa.dll module is present and linked with the process winlogon.exe
I don have ideas. I mean chances are that in 7 days this will blow over and nothing will happen, but the other chances are in 7 days it'll be time for a format.
AntiWPA User
by junglelist on Fri Sep 05, 2008
hi Garbz,
i have the same problem. i reinstall my win xp pro sp2 x64 for 2 weeks and installed the antiwpa 3.4.7.
Yesterday, windows told me to activate it. i rebooted my system and entered the safe-mode as admin.
I tried to uninstall the antiwpa that i can reinstall it. i also get a message with "Access is denied". so i opened regedit and try to change the "OOBETimer" value manually. but windows denied the access.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents so i used the right mouse-button on "WPAEvents" and change the rights of the admin to full access. now i could change the value. after i reinstalled the antiwpa patch, i tried to check if it works correct. i used the command "%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a" but the activation window won't be opened. If i change the "OOBETimer" i can view the window to set the activation, but i'm not able after patching to open it.
i think there's a problem with the patch.
i have solved the problem. i found another activation file in the internet and replace the "" with
the downloaded. now the system is activated and it's also possible to check it with "oobe\msoobe.exe /a".
AntiWPA User
by zz44 on Sun Sep 07, 2008
It is fixed 
To install over the old, 
1) change permissions of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents with Regedit to full control for administrators.
2) Then run the install.cmd to install new.

- Login as Administrator 

- Create a file called "RunAntiWPA.cmd", containing 
Code: Select all
regsvr32 /s antiwpa.dll
- save it to C:\ (or wherever you want) 
- Open the registry (Start-Run-regedit) 
- Browse to HKLM Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run 
- Highlight Run and right click --> New --> String Value 
- Make the value RegAntiWPA, then right click on the value you just created and click "Modify". 
-Enter the value data c:\RunAntiWPA.cmd (or that you've chosen) 
- Click OK and close regedit and reboot.

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