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Monday, October 12, 2009

Install Widgets on Windows

Source General Instructions:
  1. Search for "desktop widgets" on any search engine. You may use any of the external links for assistance in finding some.
  2. Download and install the program needed for the widgets to work. Most of the time, a specific program (for example, Yahoo) will not work with Google widgets, as Google has it's own installation.
  3. Go to the website again & download the widget(s) of your liking. Your browser will ask you where you want to open the file or save it. You will need WinRar if it is a .rar file.
  4. Put the files into the correct "widget" folder the program has already given you. This method allows you to be more organized and find them more easily if you wish to use it.
  5. Open the program & pick the widgets you want to use by using the "Load Widgets" or "Browse" button. Most will already have several pre-downloaded widgets for you to use, such as basic calendars, digital or analog clocks, and weather tabs.
  6. Double-click on the widget or click on "Select", depending which program you have.
Instalar Google Desktop
Google Gadgets
Añade gadgets de Google Desktop a tu página principal de iGoogle.
Instala Google Desktop
Elige un gadget de Google Desktop en el Directorio de contenido de iGoogle.
Visualiza tu gadget de Google Desktop en tu página principal de iGoogle.

For all programmes featured on the showed desktop... here the tutorials:
Video on three of the best Windows XP 'Vista' sidebars.
Thoosje Vista Sidebar:
Google Desktop:
Offical Vista Sidebar on XP:
Offical Vista Gadget Downloads:
You could also try Yahoo Widgets:

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