Made specifically for orthodox Jewish computer users, this search engine omits religiously objectionable material like photographs of immodest women. (We’re guessing that means no photos of ham and cheese sandwiches or crab cakes, either.)

Powered by Kevin Federline (wait, he’s still alive?), every time you search this site you’re entered to win a kick-ass prize. The most popular prize searchers are eligible for is Swag Bucks, which you can redeem for official K-Fed merchandise, autographs, iPhones, and two therapy-bound children.

Yahoo! may hate the environment, but Blackle hearts it. The background on this search engine’s main page is black to reduce energy consumption. Dude, if you’re so worried about saving the world, just compost your downloaded porn.

This icon-based directory makes it easier for learning-disabled folks to navigate the Web. Sweet idea! We can’t wait to see their icon for our favorite time-killing Web site: hornyalbinogoats.com. (We just love watching those little guys scamper!)

Banana slug.com
“Tired of the same old Google results?” the site’s header asks. Well, no, actually, since you asked. Who gets tired of viewing images of DD boobs when you do a search for “gardening equipment”?