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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Enable show hidden files and folders

system hidden folders are made hidden by default by the Operating System and you can see those (if present on the disk) by unchecking the option of “Hide protected Operating System Files and Folders” in the Folder Options.
Some malware can modify Windows settings to disable or prevent users to change setting of Show Hidden Files and Folders under folder options. These steps will help you regain access or modify and save the settings.
1 . Go to Start > Run
2. Type regedit on the box
3. On Registry editor navigate to:
4. On the right pane, delete the value with
  • Name: CheckedValue
  • Type: REG_SZ
  • Data: 2
5. Create a new DWORD. Right-click on the right pane > New >DWORD Value
6. Value should be:
  • Name: CheckedValue
  • Type: REG_DWORD
  • Data: 1
Note: If procedure A does not work, please use Procedure B.

1. Download folderoption.reg.
2. Save it in your Desktop or any folder where you can easily access it
3. Go to your Desktop
4. Double-click the folderoption.reg
5. If it prompts if you want to add the information on the registry, click YES
6. It will confirm that information was successfully entered into registry, click OK
7 You should now be able to modify Show Hidden Files and Folders settings.
Enable Show Hidden Files and Folders Using Free Tool
RRT or Remove Restrictions Tool is a free tool to enable access to different Windows process disbaled by virus infections.
This tool is used to enable access to:
- Registry Tools (regedit)
- Ctrl+Alt+Del
- Folder Options
- Show Hidden Files
Download RRT:
 click here to donwload

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And I also used a RRT. exe program from the internet. It just made my hidden files and folders visible. And then I could not see any autorun.onf file! So i guess the inf file could not get installed.. 
Beyond that I do not know what happened. crazy.gif 
So Q2 Is there a chance to find out if there is some virus still lodged on my PC? Which tool will help me do that when all your tools have failed. and also I do not see any sign of virus except what I am going to tell you now.
After RRT worked. I found a new problem. I was now unable to hide the files again. It was as if what RRT promised was too true to its promise! The files kept being visible!
So after some research on the net I made the following settings in REGEDIT
So then I could see the hidden files still. ok. So far so good.!! clapping.gif 
And now I could also change the setting using tools--folder options--view -- hiddden folders and files -- by choosing "do not show" radio button
The hidden files can become hidden again. Good.
But now the problem!! Now I am not able to change to the radio button "show" again
I go to regedit and see the settings changed to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER-SOFTWARE-MICROSOFT-WINDOWS-EXPLORER-ADVANCED-HIDDEN value=2 (do not show i believe) or 0 (that too does not show i believe)

Super Hide the Files and Folders

We often face several occasions when we want to keep our few important files privateand in secret especially on the system that is shared by many users. The files may be important documents, files storing private data like passwords or some content that we do not want to share. This can be done in XP with ease and even without using any software.
In order to do this we would make the files possess system attributes and these files will not be shown even if you tick the “Show Hidden Files and Folders” option.
1.    Go to Folder options then under the view tab untick the option of “Hide protected Operating System Files”.
2.    Open any drive and copy the “System Volume Information” folder to the location where you want to store the files.
3.    Empty this folder and copy your important files in it.
The files will become super hidden and will not be displayed even with show hidden folder option.

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