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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Solid State Storage technologies

These Solid State Drives are an advanced NAND flash-based replacement for traditional rotative hard disk drives, This next-generation solution offers several advantages over rotating magnetic media such as significantly lower power consumption, remarkable ruggedness, high reliability, less weight and outstanding performance. Thus it eliminates spin-up time, seek time and rotational latency while delivering sustained high-speed data transfers This Technology provides distinct advantages:

Two Distinct Solutions to fit your needs

  • Consumer Product line, using MLC memory (multi-level chips) and
  • Industrial and Enterprise product line, using SLC memory (single level chips). 
SLC provides a longer life span than MLC. Overall performance of SLC can fulfill most industrial and enterprise application requirements at an optimal level, whereas MLC SSD is preferred for mobile consumer products such as laptops, where durability and speed advantages are of the greatest benefit.
A Consumer Applications
Great performance for Windows application
Great Performance, Low cost, durability for consumer use

  • Design to Replace traditional hard disk for Notebook

  • Lower cost Solid State Technology

  • Not recommended for intensive 24/7 application

  • Based on MLC Chip Technology
    See the product line  

    B Commercial or Industrial Applications
    Outstanding Performance, Higher cost, High durability

  • Designed for commercial or industrial application

  • Around 4 times the cost of a consumer SSD drive

  • Around 20 longer durability than a consumer SSD drive

  • Outstanding performance

  • Designed for constant read and write on the drive

  • Wide Temp available ( -40 celcius to +85 celcius)

  • Based on SLC chip technology
    See the product line

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