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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

X Window System at start

Edit (nano,leafpad) your /etc/inittab file, default runlevel should have been setted to 3...change that to 5...voila, X on reboot.

If you grabbed a box with 256MB memory, this might not be an issue. The
reason is all RH/fedora.

IIRC, newer anaconda incarnations require 256m
minimum to run in graphic mode. Since you installed in text mode (not
by choice is understood), the installer assumes you want to/need to run
in text mode and sets the runlevel accordingly, namely 3.

So I either installed on a equally memory-challenged
systems, or blag uses a text mode installer period. It doesn't matter,
the installer works.

Apt-get on a rpm-based system is nice, or so says a Debian
devotee. The bookmarks collection and unique wallpapers make it
worthwhile to check out. I will not be using BLAG 7000 however, because
it is based on Fedora7. IIRC, F7 will stop receiving attention (read:
bugfixes) in December 2007

"Of course, BLAG's greatest feature is its emphasis on freedom."
Wait a minute, isn't RH/fedora committed to the same ideals? I believe
it is, just not as vocal, perhaps.

BLAG was useful to me, in the past, as a single-disk install method
into a working fedora-ish system with X, back when fedora was a 3-5
disk download. Now that fedora comes on a single live/install disk,
what innovations will this distro bring to prevent it from becoming

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