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Monday, May 18, 2009

RapidShare downloader

RapidDownload is a light, powerful and fast Rapidshare downloader. The program size is only 15Kb !! It needs almost no processor resources while it downloads your files from Rapidshare.
If you tried to use Rapidshare before to download files, then you know all the hassle you need to go thru, as a free user, just to download a couple of files! RapidDownload was created using the Assembly Language art of programming. It is small and fast and it will automate all the actions that a free user has to do to download from Rapidshare.
RapidDownload does for FREE what other downloaders CAN'T do for money.
With RapidDownload you get the files you want and nothing else. Is that simple.
RapidDownload clean and simple interface strongly contradicts the present software trend among software producers, with monstruous file sizes and hidden "features". The Rapidshare Download program size is only 15 KBytes !

Quick and complete example
of working with Rapidshare Downloader
  • Get RapidDownload to your computer
  • Unzip the program to a directory of your choice. NOTE: This program does not need any installing, it will just works!
  • Search Rapidshare for links that you want to download
  • Create a file "downloads.txt" and copy all those links in that file
  • Start Rapidshare Downloader and take a break from the computer (go outside having fun, playing, shoping, etc., just use your imagination for that part...)
  • When you return home, surprise!, all files that you wanted are downloaded to a directory named "downloads" from the directory where Rapidshare Downloader was started!
  • If you found just too many links in one webpage to copy them by hand (maybe in a forum), do not worry! Save that html page in RapidDownload's directory and rename it "downloads.txt"
  • Start Rapidshare Download and, yesss!, it also understands html very well! It will just look in that html file and will download all the Rapidshare links from it!
  • You have many files to download and some of them have the same filename. What to do then? RapidDownload knows if a file already exists, and will autorename the newer files so that you will have all of them!
  • You have many files to download and you closed RapidDownload before all of them got downloaded. What to do now? Rapidshare Downloader knows that a URL was already downloaded, and will continue next time exactly from where it left!
    From where got RapidDownload the secret knowledge to skip the already downloaded files? The answer is in "history.dat" wich is created by RapidDownload and wich stores all Rapidshare URL links succesfully downloaded.

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