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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Installing Madwifi drivers

What is madwifi you may ask? Madwifi is actually a special driver that will allow Ubuntu or another Linux recognize your wireless cards that refuse to be recognized by Ubuntu already. But wait -- madwifi isn't for everyone! madwifi only supports certain chipsets, and if yours isn't supported, it's quite probable that following this installation guide will make no difference on your ability to use your wireless card under Linux. So, if you aren't sure whether your card is supported by this driver, visit the following page: 

The madwifi install guides we have aren't that good/easy. 
These instructions at the Debian MacBook Wiki are an excellent resource
and I modified these instructions to work on Ubuntu. 
This is for everyone on Feisty Fawn (7.04) that is installing the madwifi set of drivers (unfortunately these instructions don't work in Dapper).
Warning: These instructions don't seem to do any good because newer MacBooks and other laptops with related wireless chipsets require madwifi-hal, so this guide shouldn't be followed anymore! Instead, use these instructions:

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