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Saturday, April 3, 2010

pxe-e61:media test failure check cable

The PXE message is in regards to your computer looking for a network boot device, which of course doesn’t exist and so you get that error. So, if the computer is trying to use the hard drive first, why then is it later trying to use the NIC? 

The answer is that you most probably have a hardware problem.  First, before you do anything else, if you haven’t already, I would recommend you back up anything important on that drive.  I know you say the drive tested fine but there is some reason why your computer is having trouble booting to it.

In a laptop, there are three possibilities:
The hard drive, the ide controller on the motherboard, and the BIOS.
 Update BIOS, try the other solutions listed above also
1. Enter your computers BIOS by tapping F2 on startup
2. Remove everything but the CD/DVD drive and Hard Drive from the boot sequence (on this laptops Bios highlight the device and press x to remove it from the boot order, but it could be different on your computer)
3. Save and Exit the systems BIOS - Very important that you Save the settings before you exit.
Perhaps there is a hardware failure in either your hard drive or IDE controller

In a desktop you could replace the IDE cable but in your laptop the drive connects directly to the motherboard so that option is out. 
At such a low level operation - finding a boot device - if your laptop can’t read the hard drive then it’s a problem with the drive itself or the controller the computer uses to connect to the drive - and in a laptop, that’s bad news because there is no way to replace the controller without replacing the entire motherboard.

This issue is often caused by either an incorrect setting in BIOS or a bad boot device, such as a bad hard disk drive.
Hard disk drive does not have bootable files on it
The hard disk drive is bad or not connected properly 
To resolve this issue, we suggest you go through the steps.

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