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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HP Pavilion dv2000 Vista -- Seven

Creating a Recovery CD Set from a command prompt
Use the following steps to create a Recovery CD set without having Windows open:
  NOTE: You can create only recovery CDs using this method. You cannot create recovery DVDs in a non-Windows environment.
  1. Turn on the computer and press the F11 key repeatedly when the first screen displays.
  2. Click Advanced Options .
  3. Press and hold the Alt key, press the D key, and then release the keys.
    A window with a command prompt (C:\minint\system32) opens.
  4. If the computer does not have a memory card reader, type the following: d:
    If the computer has a memory card reader, type the following: h:
  5. Press Enter and type the following at the D:\> or H:\> prompt: cd windows
  6. Press Enter and type the following at the D:\Windows> or H:\Windows> prompt: cd creator
  7. Press Enter and type the following command exactly as it is shown here (including quotation marks and space): "CD Creator.exe"
  8. Press Enter and click Start Creation or NEXT (depending on your computer). If you do not see either of these selections, press the Enter key on the keyboard to start the Recovery CD Creator program.
  9. When the recovery CD creator program begins, follow the directions to create the Recovery CD set.
The recovery disc have a time period of 90 days from the date of purchase of notebook for its creation. However, if you try to create them after the said time period, you may experience problems. The same rule applies in case of new hard drive.
I am afraid that there is no command console available to initiate creation of recovery discs. Even though the recovery partition seems to be fully functional, it is in the hard drive only. The executable files named "CD creator.exe" is just an image.
 Though there are third party software available for recovery disc, however they would eventually create problems as the hard drive has failed.
 Considering the present situation, we recommend that you replace the hard drive and  purchase new recovery disc.
Best solution
First thing to do is if you are at least able to run windows then you need to start up windows
Navigate to the "My Computer"  Icon and click it
Now at the top of that window you need to click tools
Now click folder options
Click view
Now you want to make sure that you un-check the boxes that say "Hide System Files" or "View Hidden Files"
After that is done click ok and exit
Now you should be able to see the hidden drive in the My Computer window.
 What you want to do is navigate through the recovery drive there and make sure not to change anything.
What you want to look for is a folder that is named something along the lines of "Apps" or "Applications"
If you find the folder that contains the applications then you begin the process of clicking on the zip files to un-zip them.
Eventually one of them will be the program that you need to create the system recovery disks!
After I un-zipped the files I found the hp software in the C: drive in a folder called HP.
I opened the program and presto it worked and now I have new recovery disks!
Try windows 7
here is the guide link for dv2000 model for upgrade to windows 7
3. Before you will upgrade to Windows 7 please make Vista Recovery CD/DVD. How to do it all informations here.
      4. All Vista drivers and pre-installed by HP software for your model are in C:\swsetup folder.
         If you still have it on your HDD then copy this folder to CD/DVD. You may need them someday.
      5. Users with AMD processors reported that their dv2000 models were very quickly overheated after installing Windows 7.
         So if you want to install this system and you've got this processor remember about it and be oversensitive on this issue.
          How you may check Your notebook CPU (processor), GPU (graphic card), motherboard or HDD temperature?
         To do that use HWMonitor (free and recommended) or Everest.
          One of our experienced users (CherylG) which have dv2000 model solved this problem by runing Windows Update.
         How to install Windows updates
     6. If Your model have nVidia graphic card then please check how high temperature this device have under Vista.
          This way you will know is it working ok in Windows 7 too.
  How to find out which model you've got and specifications for it:
       1. Click on Support & Drivers link. (Upper part of this page.)
       2. In search box type your laptop product number (p/n).
          How to Locate the Notebook p/n
       4. Under notebook picture you will find Your model name (example: HP Pavilion dv2205eu Notebook PC).
       5. On the same page click on Product Information -> Product Specifications and you will find all informations about your hardaware.
 How to install Windows 7 and what you should know while upgrading:
       1. Guide: How to Do a Clean Installation with Windows 7
       2. All Windows 7 drivers you will find in next post below.
       3. Some of drivers have comment then they are originaly made for Vista system.
          When normal installation will fail, then try to run unsuccessfully installed file in Compatibility Mode (Windows Vista, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2).
Solution on COPROCESSOR with yellow exclamation mark ()

If you have Intel processor:
Intel Chipset (Install and reboot before other drivers) here (ver for 32/64 bit Win7)

Intel Rapid Storage Technology here (ver for 32/64 bit Win7) 

If you have AMD processor:

nVidia Chipset (Install and reboot before other drivers) here   (Vista)

Important information for users with nVidia chipset!
If you have 4GB of RAM or more then check Microsoft knowledge base article about solution on some problems which you may have here.


Intel Graphic:

    Intel 950 and Intel X3100 here (ver for Win7 32 bit) or here (ver for Win7 64 bit)

nVidia  Graphic:

  Important information!
   If you have installed any nVidia drivers for graphic card then before You will install other version You will need first to remove old drivers
    from your system. Check below guide how to do it (this is not standard uninstallation process):
   How to remove nVidia graphic drivers from Windows system.

   nVidia GeForce 8400M GS here (ver 197.16 for Win7 32 bit ) or here (ver 197.16 for Win7 64 bit)

   nVidia GeForce GO 6150M, 7150M, 7200M, 7400M cards:

          OPTION 1

          First try to install original Vista drivers for your model.

          How to find all Vista audio and graphic drivers for specific model on HP sites?

           OPTION 2

           If original drivers will not work then try modded drivers ver 195.81 (remember to remove old drivers first):
        How to install them under Windows 7?
        1. Download driver here (for Win7 32 bit) or here (for Win7 64 bit) double click and select extract,
        2. Download from this site with drivers also INF Modified and replace original INF in extracted folder,

        3. Install & reboot.

     OPTION 3

           Last thing which you may do is installing graphic driver from Windows Update (remember to remove old drivers first):

     1.Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button Start.png, clicking ' All Programs ', and then clicking ' Windows Update '.
     2.In the left pane, click ' Check for updates ', and then wait while Windows looks for the latest updates for your computer.

     3.Select the ' Optional Updates ' and install from there only driver for Your graphic card.


Conexant HD Audio

         Use original Vista drivers for your model.

How to find all Vista audio and graphic drivers for specific model on HP sites?


Conexant Modem here (ver A)   (Vista)


  HP QuickPlay here (ver 3.7 v.6112 for 32/64 bit Win7)
  • It must be installed before HP Quick Launch Buttons.
  • You've installed this software and it hangs while using?
     Uninstall your current HP QUICK PLAY version and install this which you had in Vista.

     Uninstalling Software in Windows 7
      Uninstall or change a program in Windows 7

      If you burned CD/DVD with C:\swsetup folder as suggested in guide then you will find it there.

HP Quick Launch Buttons
Solution on KEYBOARD FILTER with yellow exclamation mark () 

HP Quick Launch Buttons here (ver for 32/64 bit Win7)


Intel Wireless here (ver for 32/64 bit Win7)

Broadcom Wireless here (ver  for 32/64 bit Win7)

Atheros Wireless here (ver  for 32/64 bit Win7) 

HP Wireless Assistant here (ver for 32/64 bit Win7)

Bluetooth Wireless here (ver  for 32/64 bit Win7) Only for models with Bluetooth.

You do not know how to install Bluetooth driver?
Check below link:
How to install HP Bluetooth driver in Windows 7.


Marvell Yukon 88E8039 Lan here  (ver for 32/64 bit Win7) Only for models with Intel processor.

Models with AMD processors don't need to install any extra file for ethernet., because drivers for it are in chipset package.

Solution on  BASE SYSTEM DEVICE with yellow exclamation mark ()

Ricoh 5-1 Card Reader Driver here (ver for 32/64 bit Win7)


For dv20xx, dv21xx, dv22xx, dv23xx, dv24xx models (example: dv2367am means that Your model is dv23xx):
Synaptics TouchPad here (ver  for 32/64 bit Win7)

This version enables multitouch gestures on Synaptics touchpad.

For dv25xx, dv26xx, dv27xx, dv28xx, dv29xx models (example: dv2932tx means that Your model is dv29xx):
Alps TouchPad here (ver 7.5.1711.118 A  for 32/64 bit Win7)

Important information!

If after installing above ALPS driver you will have problem with " jumping cursor " then uninstall current driver and use Vista driver for your specific model.


 Cyberlink YouCam here (ver 2.0.3115  for 32/64 bit Win7)
If you have any problem with your webcam then check below HP document:
Fixing Webcam Problems in Windows 7
Testing a Webcam using Your Favorite Instant Messenger

3VRX (optional software)
on-screen visuals and associated sounds that are displayed and heard when adjusting volume

3VRX here (ver 2.5 for 32/64 bit Win7)

Here is YouTube video which shows what can be done with this software.


  1. Uninstall all previous fingerprint reader drivers and software
     Check below guide how to do it (this is not standard uninstallation process):
   How to uninstall AuthenTec fingerprint software and driver
 2. You may install now correct fingeprint reader driver and software.
     There are available two applications to this device:
     - AuthenTec TrueSuite
     - DigitalPersona Personal (recommended).
     Information on how to install both softwares you will find in below guides:
    AuthenTec TrueSuite, AuthenTec fingerprint and Windows 7
   DigitalPersona Personal, AuthenTec fingerprint and Windows 7


 How can you check is your DVD drive with LightScribe?
On DVD panel there will be LightScribe logo.

LightScribe Host Software here (ver  for 32/64 bit Win7)  

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