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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Magic Boot Disk v2.0

Operating System: MS-DOS
Magic Boot Disk v2.0 © HDDGURU,
This MS-DOS boot disk contains the following:
  • Based on Windows 98 Second Edition boot disk
  • Drivers for IDE and SATA CDROM
  • Fixed FDISK.EXE: Support of hard disk drives bigger than 137 GB
  • Patched FORMAT.COM:
    • Option /Q (QuickFormat) now can be used to format floppies and hard disks quickly even if they're never been formatted before
    • MS-DOS version check has been removed
  • SmartDrive (SMARTDRV.EXE) and other basic MS-DOS stuff such as SYS, ATTRIB, DELTREE, LABEL, MEM, MOVE.
  • MHDD 4.6 with SCSI/ASPI and ATAPI support and Primary IDE enabled
  • USB Mass Storage support drivers for MHDD
Please direct all suggestions to the forum:
Download links:
Self-extracting boot floppy image: Magic Boot Disk — Floppy Creator v2.0
ISO image to burn a CD: Magic Boot Disk — ISO CD Image v2.0

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