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Sunday, January 30, 2011

La tecnología comunista y sus restos

Hardware (notar la copia total de la tecnología de la ideología enemiga)

Operating systems
  • For Kronos
  • For BESM
    • D-68 (Д-68, Диспетчер-68, Dispatcher-68)
    • DISPAK (“Диспетчер Пакетов,” Dispatcher of the Packets)
    • DUBNA (“ДУБНА”)
  • For ES EVM
    • DOS/ES (“Disk Operation system for ES EVM”)
    • OS/ES (“Disk Operation system for ES EVM”)
  • For SM EVM
    • RAFOS (РАФОС), FOBOS (ФОБОС) and FODOS (ФОДОС) — RT-11 clones
    • OSRV (ОСРВ) — RSX-11M clone, one of the most popular Soviet multi-user systems
    • DEMOS  BSD-based Unix-like; later was ported to x86 and some other architectures
    • INMOS (ИНМОС, Инструментальная мобильная операционная система)
  • For 8-bit microcomputers
  • For ZX Spectrum clones
  • For different platforms
    • MISS (Multipurpose Interactive timeSharing System)
    • ES EVMES1010, 
    •  ES EVM ES1045, 
    • D3-28M, PC-compatible etc.
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