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Friday, February 25, 2011

"your original record reports 244 heads...

while your new target drive reports 255 heads drive image"

DriveImageXML command line parameters
A. For the backup there are the following commands:
/bx Backup drive x, e.g. /bc
/tx Write backup files to x, e.g. /td:\backups\drive_c
/r Raw mode, e.g. /r or /r-
/s Split image, e.g. /s or /s-
/c Compression (fast), e.g. /c or /c-
/c1 Compression (fast), e.g. /c1
/c2 Compression (good, but slow), e.g. /c2
/v Try VSS first, e.g. /v, do not use with /l
/l Try locking first, e.g. /l, do not use with /v
Q. What about command line parameters for restoring a drive?
A. There currently are not any.


Remember that DriveImageXML images drives ;), NOT disks!
Indeed; I wouldn't want it to image the entire disk, just the drives on the disk that I specify.
And indeed, without ALSO the MBR and DISK SIGNATURE you won't be able to boot the restored "backup" easily. :ph34r:

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