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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Internet Suspend-Resume (ISR) project

About Pocket ISR
Pocket ISR lets you convert any borrowed PC into an ISR client in less than a minute, with no advance planning and without installing any software. All you have to do is boot Pocket ISR, resume your parcel, work or play, check in your parcel, and leave. Once you're done, Pocket ISR leaves no trace behind.
Pocket ISR is a live Linux distribution that can easily be installed to a USB flash drive or burned to a CD. Use it to boot any modern PC, and a fully-featured ISR client and virtual machine monitor are available at your fingertips.
Pocket ISR includes the following major features:

  • Pocket ISR can be installed on any USB flash drive with at least 350 MB free, without disturbing existing data on the drive. Installation is automated and can be performed from a Linux or Windows system. The remaining space on the USB key is available for other uses.
  • Pocket ISR performs well even with low-cost USB flash devices. Parcel data is stored not on the flash drive, but in free space borrowed from the computer's internal hard disk. Space can be borrowed from Linux swap partitions and NTFS, ext2, ext3, and ext4 filesystems, including volumes stored in Linux RAID or LVM. Existing data and metadata stored on these volumes is never altered. All parcel data in transient storage is encrypted for security.
  • If you have a high-performance USB device such as a hard disk or SSD, Pocket ISR can store parcel data directly on the device rather than in transient storage.
  • Pocket ISR will notify you at startup if a newer version is available, and can automatically update itself to the latest version.
  • Pocket ISR includes the VirtualBox and KVM virtual machine monitors.
More information about Pocket ISR is available here.

  • GPG key

  • Obtaining Pocket ISR

  • Setting up Pocket ISR

  • Using Pocket ISR

  • Using Pocket ISR

    Follow these steps:

    1. Plug in the USB key and boot from it. This may require pressing a key at the BIOS boot screen and requesting that the system boot from a USB device. To ensure sufficient performance, make sure you plug into a USB 2.0 port; USB hubs on some monitors and keyboards have only a slower USB 1.1 port.
    2. A Pocket ISR boot menu will appear. Choose "Boot" to boot Pocket ISR using transient parcel storage on the internal hard disk. Choose "Boot using persistent parcel storage" if you created a boot device with persistent storage and want to use persistent mode.
    3. Wait for the desktop to appear. Unless you chose to boot using persistent storage, you can now unplug the USB key.
    4. Click the Terminal icon on the toolbar to launch a terminal. You can now use ISR in the usual manner.
    5. If you are using transient parcel storage, be sure to check in your parcels once you have finished your ISR session. Once you shut down Pocket ISR, any data still in transient parcel storage will be lost and cannot be recovered.
    6. Click the Logout button on the toolbar, then click Shutdown in the resulting dialog box to shut down the system

  • Development repository

  • The current release of Pocket ISR is version 0.10.1-1, 
    available via HTTP or BitTorrent (312 MB). 
    The GPG signature is available here. 

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