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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Open File Technology

Our ISR technologies are assisted by an OFT, open file technology, driver to make perfect copies of the operating system. An OFT allows a perfect point in time snapshot of the operating system without having to close applications or users log off.
At this point in time, Leapfrog Software offers two OFT offerings:
Leapfrog Software RSS: Our OFT is included with our ISR technologies and provides the very minimal (lean and mean) of what is needed to make a perfect copy of the OS. It is currently the default for Windows 2000.
Microsoft VSS: For Windows XP/2003/Vista, Microsoft has introduced their own OFT called VSS. VSS is the heavyweight of OFT’s. It provides the same raw features of our RSS, and additionally supports “requesters” and “writers”. A “requester” is an application requiring a backup of the system, in this case our ISR technology. Once a “requester” has asked for a snapshot of the OS, the VSS-aware “writers” perform application specific tasks that may purge and clean-up databases, flush buffers to disk, etc. Two examples of VSS-aware “writers” are Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SQL Server. VSS is currently the ISR default for Windows XP/2003/Vista.
Some users have requested to switch between the two.
Switch from VSS to RSS
1. From a command prompt, cd \$ISR\$APP\Setup | ISRSetup -install -rss
2. Reboot your computer
Switch from RSS to VSS
1. cd \$ISR\$APP\Setup | ISRSetup -install -vss
2. Reboot your computer
DriveIMage XML is for imaging, Shadow Copy is for copying open files.
I want to have Windows 7 with FD-ISR and shadow copy
Copy all the files off the c: drive, and then bugger it up. Then copy the files back and see if you can boot.
PS. Going to try it on VM machine. Yes, but you should replace the files of a vista image. The mbr should not be alot different. 
Well as I thought about it something stopped me cold. This program copies files but not track 0, so once I copy them to D:\ from C:\ how do I boot to d:\ to be able to copy them back.
Don't see it as being an FDISR.
A different approach: Image a vista partition and then replace the Vista files/folders with the 7 files/folders.
This way you will have the the mbr and the partition boot sector from the Vista OS.
I'm pretty sure that it will boot ok; I'm not so sure that FD-ISR will install ok though...

RuntimeSoftware Shadow Copy
  • Copy all your files, even if they are locked
  • Run from command prompt
  • Copies locked and open files
  • Uses Microsoft's Volume Shadow Services
Copy all your files - even if they are locked by Windows
ShadowCopy is a simple program that copies all files from one place to another. Other than usual file managers, such as Windows Explorer, it copies all files including locked and open files. This is made possible by using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Services (VSS).
Copy your entire system
You can easily copy the content of an entire hard disk to another disk. If you copy, for example, C:\ to D:\, you will even be able to boot from that drive. Since ShadowCopy is capable of tranferring all the system files you will have an almost exact clone.
ShadowCopy Tips:
  • You need to make the new partition active (in Windows Disk Management).
  • You also might need to set a new Disk ID using DriveImage XML.
  • You will probably have to reactivate Windows and some other copy-protected programs.
Automate ShadowCopy ShadowCopy can be run from the command prompt, batch or task scheduler. The available switches are:
Switch Description  
/s copy subdirectories  
/j parse junctions  
/i ignore errors  
/y overwrite existing files  
/r overwrite read-only files

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