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Sunday, April 29, 2012

scsi 29160N with windows 7
Found drivers on another forum
 and bam. I guess my old scsi cards 29160 / 39160 and the few 15k 74 gig cheetahs still have a useful life. You dont know how happy this makes me. Windows 7 will be purchased upon release. (all windows drivers)
Ultra160 64-bit Driver v7.5.645.100 for Windows 7 & 2008R2 For Ultra 160 Cards in 64-bit Windows 7 and 2008R2  direct link
I have both a 32-bit and 64 bit version of Win 7 running on my 39160. For the x64 your looking for 6.5.645.100 with driver date 1/31/2007 and you'll need both adpu160m.sys and adpu160m.inf which I copied from my vista x64 installed system. These are the difficult ones. The only way to install Win 7 x64 is to first install on a recognized controller.  Once installed, the next step is to install the vista x64 drivers thru device manager so the controller is recognized in your newly installed x64 OS. Next step is to install Win 7 x64 on a disk behind your 39160 from within Win 7 x64. Then you can delete the first install of Win 7 x64. Be careful to know where your boot manager is. Mine was on my deleted Win7 x64 system so I simply used the repair installation process from my Vista x64 install dvd and bingo, all done. I'm now running a couple of Seagate drives behind my 39160 with Win7 and Win7 x64 installed and my boot manager is installed one of them.
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I had problems with drivers for the 39160 card with Windows 7 x86 RC but, last night, Windows 7 pointed me in the direction of the Adaptec website and downloaded what appears to be the XP drivers (Adaptec Family Manager Set v4.0a Service Pack 4). There was a bit of a hiccup in installation but, a couple of reboots later, everything is working on both channels.
So, eventually, the 32 bit version did find working drivers. Hope the same can be said for the 64 bit version.
I was able to install 32bit 29160n driver for windows 7 x86 but unable to locate a 64bit driver for win 7 64bit.
32bit 29160n drivers was obtained from adaptec site using win 2000 driver. Try it...
This did not work for me.  I have tried several drivers from the Adaptec site, as well as the one I am currently using for win2k3.  None of the drivers work when booting from the DVD.  I tried to install it from within win2k3, one of the Adaptec drivers did allow 7 to see my SCSI C: drive, but the installation failed right at the end.  The machine hung at 'completing setup'.  I waited 1/2 hour or so and rebooted it, and the install rolled back.  I am unable to install Win7.
There is a lot quicker way, but you still need the driver files adpu160m.sys and adpu160m.inf. When setup starts, select repair then select load driver, navigate to the location of the files, select adpu160m.inf then from the menu select your controller. When adding driver finishes click the "x" in the right corner you will be back on the setup screen of windows 7 but when you click install now and go to the drive selection you will be able to see the disks behing the controller. And that's it!
I had no need to boot Windows 7 from a drive attached to the 39160, just to use it to access devices on the controller.  Guided by the postings above, my solution was really easy ... locate the (64-bit) .sys and .inf files on a live Vista x64 system, copy them to the root of a USB drive and install from the USB drive via device manager on Win7.  Got the big red scary message saying the driver could not be verified but went ahead anyway and all works nicely. The posting in red are pointing the way.

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