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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Comodo Firewall & Windows 2003

Comodo firewall on Windows Server 2003 Standard R2
Configurattion of Comodo firewall on Win 2003 Server who runs SQL Express and Terminal Server in app mode!
Server has 2 NIC's.
On 1st NIC is LAN for SQL and admin RDP (NO GATEWAY AND NO DNS)
On 2nd NIC is open Internet 1Mb/1Mb optic for WAN RDP connections
What I want is next:
1. Config Comodo to allow all LAN requests for SQL Express 2005 so everyone on LAN can work without problems trougth NIC 1
2. Config Comodo to allow all RDP requests from WAN and LAN
3. If it's possible, enter WAN IP ranges who can connect on RDP
For the 1st NIC (for the SQL & RDP), where you want all traffic allowed, do the following:
Go to Security/Tasks/Add a Zone.  You will give the Zone a name, and define it in accordance with the IP address range of the related NIC. 
Then go to Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network, and select the Zone you just created.  This will add two rule to the Network Monitor (at the top of the list) ~ One rule to Allow IP Out, one rule to Allow IP In; this way all traffic can go from computer to the Zone, and back, without limitations.  Reboot.
For the WAN, you'll need/want to create Zones for the IP Range (or each IP, depending on your needs and the IP configuration) for what you want to allow to connect w/RDP.  Then use those Zones to manually create Network Monitor Rules to allow the traffic; you can set the Port, IP, etc, to control the connection and create tighter security.  You might see this thread about Network Rules.,1125.0.html; it's a great source of information.

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