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Thursday, June 6, 2013

cFos Speed Test
With this speed checker you can quickly test the speed of your Internet connection. For example you can verify if your Internet speed matches the promised values. Don't be alarmed if the speed check doesn't match the exact values your ISP gave you. For example if you have a broadband speed of 16Mbit/s, 1% tolerance is already 160.000 bit/sec, which looks impressive but makes no big difference.
For now, the speedtester measures two values: The upload and the download speed. To test the Internet connection, the speed test also determines the response time of the server. This gives you an idea of how reliable the test results are.
Please note that the test results may be too low while cFosSpeed is in the calibration phase. You can calibrate cFosSpeed Traffic Shaping by running a RX speed test 1-2 times and then a TX speed test 1-2 times. You can verify the cFosSpeed calibration here.

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