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Monday, April 28, 2008


GnuParted Live CD
sourceforge1 es diferente a sourceforge2


Since 0.3.4-x version, GParted LiveUSB can be created from the iso LiveCD.
So there is no need to download another file !

To use the LiveUSB,

-either download this file in the directory where you have downloaded the iso file,
untar it (tar -xjf, become root and run it (sh,

-either follow these simple instuctions (before 0.3.4-3):

(1) Create a fat16 partition on the usb stick and make sure it's flagged "boot".

(2) Copy from the livecd all the files from isolinux and syslinux directories
and gparted.dat file too, to the usb key.

(3) UMOUNT the usb stick and execute this command:
syslinux -s /dev/sda1
(imagine sda1 is the partition of your usb key ; but it could be something else such as sdb1.

You may find a complete description of the steps to follow at the forum !

-either follow these simple instuctions (since 0.3.4-3):

The second step is a bit different since there is no more isolinux directory !
You need to copy gparted.dat, and both gparted and gparted.igz files from boot/ directory,
and also all the files in syslinux directory, to your usb-key.

Browse releases of the old LiveUSB version here

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