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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Windows XP vs. Xandros Linux

ASUS Eee PC Face-Off: Windows XP vs. Xandros Linux

The Verdict

When you look at the final scorecard, the Linux-powered Eee PC wins by a TKO, taking four rounds and fighting to a draw in the productivity round. The XP Eee PC wins three rounds outright: peripherals, multimedia, and adding applications.
Ultimately, deciding which Eee PC is best depends on your personal preferences. Windows XP may be the preferred choice by many users because of its familiarity, despite the fact that you have to do a fair amount of scrolling in some applications. It's also the better choice if you want the ability to install popular programs, and if you don't want to worry about which peripherals will work.
If you’re looking for a faster computing experience, longer battery life, and don’t intend on adding much software, the Linux-based version of the Eee PC should be right up your alley. The Linux Eee PC's tabbed-based interface won't be all that familiar to Windows users, but it's arguably the more user-friendly solution for a 7-inch screen.

Winner: Xandros Linux Eee PC

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