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Monday, November 22, 2010

OpenSUSE -Stellarium

one click install for 11.2 
Download as file... open  with a text editor, change the 11.2 to  11.3
Save and execute as ymp file for 11.3

stop installing software the old fashioned way, where you go to sites all over the net download who-knows-what kind of evil might be inside....and, instead use the openSUSE repositories of
malware clean programs....
The M$ way is SO last century..
Use YaST and its Software Management function instead and it will fetch, unpack, install thousands of programs from our repos.. Stellarium is in the education YaST > Community Repositories and enable these repos ONLY:
oss, non-oss, update, packman and education
Some of those should already be enabled....if ANY others are enabled, then disable those... normally you should only have the first four enabled--for a stable, dependable system..
Then, close the repo module and open Software Management, in the search blank type stellarium and click search...when the list pops up on the right side, right click (to install) stellarium and then click the accept button at the bottom....done, you should find the new
program in your menu..
NOTE: our repos are housed in (for example) university, government and donated servers all over the world....YaST will automatically be directed to one close...but, even then traffic conditions and the owners use of their machine may cause some delay in fetching all needed data--BE PATIENT, do not abort the install process...doing so is a great way to mess up your accept and go make tea, or something...plan on up to 30 minutes.....but, i guess five will do it... repeat: do NOT click the abort button or close the YaST window..
Welcome to the new way of computing safely....and, do some reading about your new system, this would be a good place to start:
One thing we have is LOTs of great documentation to get you going, see
this earlier posting of mine:

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