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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OpenSuUSE HowTos

Swerdna tutorials (a lot more)
 TightVNC Remote Desktop Connections using openSUSE as Client or Server

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How To Collection
The following constitutes a list of HowTo's I have completed. The purpose of this apart from obviously trying to help users of openSUSE, is to keep a list all in one place so as to reduce the need for scrambling around the forum.
All About Grub: This is part of the Wiki and gives a detailed look at the use of Grub, install options and repair:
Manually editing fstab might be required if you add a new HD and want to configure mounting. Or to change read write access to a partition like windows ntfs:
FSTAB - Editing Manually - openSUSE Forums
Clear temporary files. Reduces the clutter of files in tmp and saves on disc space.
Clear Temp Files at Boot - openSUSE Forums
Virtual Box from Sun Microsystems Install
Virtual Box - Some Quick Tips
Virtual Box USB tips. As Virtual Box progresses the steps discussed here may not be necessary:
Virtual Box USB tips - openSUSE Forums
Disable Auto Login. I always do this during installation and it should be set this way by default IMO:
Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums
Disable IPv6. If you are having trouble connecting to the NET successfully, then try this. Many do it by default now.
Disable IPv6 - openSUSE Forums
Some nVidia Basics, just help you identify the corresponding packages:
Some NVIDIA Basics - openSUSE Forums
A Bittorrent Guide. Need help setting up a torrent client.
A Quick Bittorrent Guide (with screenshots) - openSUSE Forums
Google Talk In kopete. How to use Google Talk in kde's kopete.
Google Talk in Kopete - Howto - openSUSE Forums
Cups Printer Setup. Using the Cups web interface
CUPS - Explained - openSUSE Forums
Repository Management. Repositories (Repo's) are the source of all you software.
Repository Management - openSUSE Forums
Add Repo via Terminal
Installing Broadcom Drivers
Update all in a List. Shows how we can select all in a list to update, either if new version available or unconditionally.
Yast - Software Management -Update All_HowTo - openSUSE Forums
Watch a Install of 11.1 slide-show. Just to give a new user a preview of installation and procedure:
Watch a SUSE 11.1 install Slideshow - openSUSE Forums
Install demo with pictures. Offers a video for download of a 11.1 install in Virtual Box. Again with the intention of providing a preview of what to expect, rather than being a specific guide:
Install Demo - With Pics and Video - openSUSE Forums
Partitioning and Installation Guide. Written for 11.0 but all the principles apply to 11.1. It covers use of grub with windows.
Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums
11.2 Install Slideshow
Multi-Media restricted Formats (mp3 etc) Guide. All the basics you need to watch dvd's, play mp3....etc..
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums
Flash, k3b, Amarok tips: Just some info on items not effectively covered in the Multi-Media guide:
Flash, k3b, Amarok - Install Guide - openSUSE Forums
How To Become SU (Super User) in a Terminal
Partitioning Slideshow and Video pre-install:
Using Parted Magic
Re-Install Grub Quickly
Boot to Level 3, then Yast and More
Upload Images to your Forum Posts
Partitioning Slideshow in 11.2
Partitioning Slideshow in 11.3
Switch Yast GUI to QT
Keeping Firefox/Mozilla Updated
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