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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hacking Express gate (Asus Splashtop)
Splashtop is an instant-on commercial Linux distribution targeting PC motherboard vendors and other device manufacturers.[4] It is developed by Splashtop Inc. (which was previously named DeviceVM Inc.[5][6]).[7]



Splashtop is intended to be integrated on a read-only device and shipped with the hardware, rather than installed by the user. It does not prevent the installation of another operating system for dual booting. It boots in about 5 seconds,[11] and is thus marketed as "instant-on."


Splashtop features a graphical user interface[11], a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox 3.0[11], a Skype VoIP client[11] and a chat client based on Pidgin.[10] It also includes Adobe Flash Player 10.[12]

Limitations and requirements

Most versions of Asus motherboards no longer come with Splashtop preinstalled, as the manufacturer now limits the inclusion of its built-in ExpressGate flash drive to "Premium" motherboards such as the P6T Deluxe and P7P55D-E Premium. Other Asus motherboards allow installation of the compact OS via a Windows-only based installer on its support CD. Installation from CD requires a Windows partition to store 500 MB of files, which has to be a SATA drive defined as IDE (no support for AHCI).[13] If one doesn't have a Windows-based machine, it is possible to install Splashtop on a USB hard drive, from the sources.[14]
At present Splashtop, as supplied for Asus motherboards, has no support for add-on wireless hardware such as PCI cards (June 2010).


Splashtop seems to work with a 512MB flash memory embedded on the PC motherboard.[15] A proprietary core engine starts at the BIOS boot and loads a specialized Linux distribution called a "Virtual Appliance Environment" (VAE). While running this VAE, the user can launch "Virtual Appliances" (VA). Skype is a VA, for instance.[16]

Computer models  supporting splashtop
Asus rebrands Splashtop as "Express Gate" for its other products (such as motherboards) as well.
plashtop Instant On
Splashtop Instant On is bundled with motherboards, desktops and notebooks by their manufacturers.
Currently, it is available with products from the following manufacturers:
Notebooks and Netbooks
Desktops and Nettops
  • Acer Aspire One Pro netbooks
  • Dell Latitude notebooks (Latitude On Reader, and Latitude On Flash)
  • Asus EeePCs

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