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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bussines Cards | Open Source

openoffice docs

There's gLabels:
There's a Ubuntu package for it to if you open up the universe in your repositories and do a:
#sudo apt-get install glabels

Here is a great source for business card templates:

I use Inkscape for vector illustration then import into Scribus for publication (I use this professionally), though if its a simpler design it can all be done in Scribus (recommended to begin with).

a) Create an artboard (new page)

If there's any elements touching or extending past the edges, then Leave 5mm bleed all round, i.e. if the finished size is 90mm by 50mm, then create a file 100mm by 60mm and draw crop marks on a new layer or just tell the printer you know and trust that you've added 5mm bleed (easier).
b) Colours
- Trick is to start by removing all unused colours then
- Create colours individually
- Making sure all colours are CMYK (or spot depending on printing)
d) Save art, then outline all text.
e) export
Export it to PDF, and best practise is to make it X-3, but this option is only available when colour management is on (try little CMS).
ITYM: Business Card Templates

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Anonymous said...

wow.. this site is cool! Thanks for tip. It's hard to find a site that has professional design templates and free to!