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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NTFS repair possibilities
There is a thing called Windows MXPE that is a bootable version of
Windows XP. It has some problems, first of all it's illegal and second
it's damn hard to find a copy. I do have a copy and it is as much a
life saver in fixing Windows problems of this nature as a Linux live CD
is for fixing Linux problems. It's too damn bad that Microsoft doesn't
offer it so one can legally purchase it.
I think BartPE is also okay for that purpose. But it is a chicken-or-egg problem.
MS's recovery toolset is a bit limited in my opinion, too. From a sysadmin's standpoint, Microsoft has a superb set of tools for every administration task except recovery. It's a shame.
One day, there will be an fsck.ntfs.
NTFS development is very much alive but proceeding very, very slowly,
due to lack of manpower (1 person does this, part-time) and extreme
caution be the author (the last version of Linux NTFS ate filesystems).
There's also:···2479.htm

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