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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Online Armor Firewall

Online Armor Free is a Windows NT/2000/XP firewall with a built-in host instrusion prevention (HIPS) system. It also has a limited form of keylogger detection and includes protection against script/worm attacks. In addition, it features self-protection against tampering and termination attempts by malware. The firewall have a good performance in independent leak tests.
  • Stops Hackers
  • Stops Malicious Programs
  • Protect you when Banking and Transacting Online
  • Protects your Identity

Differences between the versions of Online Armor.

Comparison Online Armor FREE Online Armor
Online Banking Mode NO YES
Kaspersky antivirus engine NO NO
Kernel Mode Security YES YES
Updates Manual YES
Web Shield NO YES
Mail Shield No YES
Phishing Filter No YES
Execution Protection YES YES
Termination Protection YES YES
Autostart Protection Limited YES
Firewall Standard Mode YES
Simple Mode YES YES
Advanced Mode NO YES
Keylogger Detection - Hooks YES YES
Keylogger Detection - Kernel NO YES
Keylogger Detection - Other NO YES
Import/Export Settings NO YES
Tamper Protection YES YES
Transparent Blocking NO YES
DNS Spoofing Protection No YES
Support NO YES
Script/Worm protection YES YES
Process Guard YES YES
Single User FREE! $39.95

Online Armor (not FREE)
Like Online Armor FREE, Online Armor is also a powerful windows firewall - and also offers 100% leak protection right out of the box. It is easy to use, and powerful just like it's free cousin.
Online Armor combines all of the features you'd expect from a personal firewall, plus adds several useful enhancements. Online Armor's advanced mode lets you adjust the firewall settings precisely to your liking, import blacklists. If you perform transations online, Online Armor's banking mode protects you by only allowing you to go to legitimate bank websites.
Online Armor also provides powerful protection against keystroke records and even filters your email messages to weed out banking scams. While you're surfing the web, Online Armor filters web pages that you visit to remove potentially dangerous content.

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