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Monday, June 15, 2009

After installing openSUSE 11.0

Things to do...

Setting up repositories:

For my machine I added the following repositories for my final build: (VLC Media, restricted formats) (KDE 4 Stable) Note: if this was not my workbox, I would actually do Unstable to get KDE 4.1 (Wine, for windows emulation) (KDE Backports, updates to Amarok and other KDE Applications) (Compiz Fusion, staying up to date and hip with the most recent Compiz builds, I highly recommend since it’s constantly developed on) (Packman, xinelibs / codecs and so much more) (Firefox, recent builds of Firefox) (Gnome Community, I use for Pidgin and GIMP) (OpenOffice is an important application for me since I use it daily for word processing or spreadsheets, keeping it up to date allows for the best compatabilities with people using restricted formats like xls/doc) (Education - For Bluefish) (KDE Stable repository, not sure why because not many changes should happen to the 3.5.9 family)

Here is a quick screenshot of my repositories:
Configured Repos

(Note: I am running KDE, if you are running GNOME, I highly recommend the following repo:
(Note: If you are running an NVIDIA card, setup the following repository:
(Note: If you are running an ATI card, setup the following repository:
(Note: If you are running a wireless card that has a requirement for MadWifi, setup the following repository:

Setup your Video Card (if you have more configurations to do, ie Nvidia / ATI)
Install the packages that are associated with your NVIDIA / ATI card.

For me I downloaded the NVIDIA Driver from and installing running:
sudo sh
Since I had some issues with the 173.14 driver.


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