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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Compiz in KDE4.2

Thanks, Carl!
Compiz in KDE4.2 - Video
OpenSUSE Help - Video Downloads
Here I have uploaded a Video of Managing Packages in Yast - Software Management. Using Filter by Repository and doing Update All, you can choose 'if newer version avail' or 'unconditionally'.
If all Packages are showing with Blue text then the 'if newer ver' option is fine. But if there is a mix of Red and Blue use 'unconditionally'. This method of Package Management is especially helpful in Managing packages in repo's like those in the video - unstable or factory repo's. Or in multi-media situations where everytime you click on a package to update (eg;Amarok) say in Packman you get dependency errors. You can temporarily disable the check box for that and re-enable it before pressing accept. This lets you mark all the updates/upgrades/changes without interference. By the time you finish doing 'update all' in the various repo's - when you check at the end for dependencies, it is usually all OK. Read carefully any errors you do get, it is a bit confusing but it is usually fairly easy to opt your way through it. Or save the the error to file with the expert button.
Yast_Package]Yast Video- Package Management_Archived

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