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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Problem with Multimedia & Linux distros

I love Linux, but why does playing music have to be soo tough?
Global Moderator of openSuSE forums:
Why?? To avoid being sued. Novell is a big fat juicy target for those seeking to make money by suing an operating system supplier for illegal provision of codecs without payment of royalties.
In many cases private users are free to download and install codecs, but its not legal for operating system suppliers to provide the codecs.
Also, from what I have read its not the policy of Novell/SuSE-GmbH to provide proprietary software, drivers, nor codecs (and the MAJORITY of audio formats are in a proprietary format). This is because of the "open" in openSUSE. Note the emphasis on "open". That is because Novell/SuSE-GmbH in openSUSE try harder than most other distribution packagers to provide a distribution that follows the free open source philosophy:
Free Software Philosophy - openSUSE
... which means no automatic playing of most music as such music is stored in proprietary formats. Fortunately there are work arounds and ways to download and install codecs and applications to play such music, BUT its up to the openSUSE community to provide those means. And by "openSUSE community" I mean users like YOU and ME to contribute and find a way to make it easier. If we do not do this, (ie YOU and ME and other's like us), then NO ONE ELSE will.
caf4926 is doing his best in this guide to make this music installation easier for you in a Linux distribution (openSUSE) that places VERY HIGH importance on Free open source software and NO PROPRIETARY software, codecs, applications.
Useful Terminal Commands & Solutions to Low Resolution Issues
Useful Guides for Ubuntu - Install Anything - Ubuntu:Chronicles

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