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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ODBC 32 bit driver under the Windows x64

You have a Windows 2003 server (64-bits) and you want to use a 32 bits ODBC driver: one that is usually found in the administrative panel for ODBC on Windows or an external ODBC driver
Well if you open the board of directors of HBO Windows 2003 server 64, you may not find most of your usual drivers.
Similarly if you install an ODBC driver external 32-bit installation will go well but you probably do not see in the panel.
However if you open the administrative panel ODBC under Windows 2003 (64 bits), you may not find all your usual drivers.
Note that you may not find external drivers (32 bits) in the panel even it gets installed on your computer.
In fact, the boards of directors of the pilots 64-bit and 32 bit are separated on this version of Windows. One you find through administrative tools, the panel for 64-bit
The administrative panels for 64 bits and 32 bits drivers are separate on the windows. In the windows 2003 (64 bits), you will find the panel for ODBC 64 bits.
To access the panel 32 bits drivers, your should run the following command :

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